Happy Holidays From La Pans

Happy holidays one and all. As we prepare to gather with family and friends over the holidays, let’s remember the true reason we gather together with those who matter most to us. Many will be celebrating with food and drink, so please be safe!

When the La Pan’s crew gathers, celebrations can get fun, sometime BIG fun, and Breakfast Bloodys are a must. Remember, Et Tu Brute was a necessity!

Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria or Bloody Beer/Michelada it's your call!

Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria or Bloody Beer/Michelada it’s your call!

We want to wish everyone a truly blessed Christmas and all the best for a prosperous and healthy New Year.

In 2014, our mission is to generate greater momentum with our movement, but most importantly we strive to help make more memorable gatherings. So, don’t sweat the tasty treats, La Pan’s is here to make mouthgasms with minimal effort!

Farewell 2013, let’s ring in the New Year properly.